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Our focus is on sourcing and securing international HR Leaders at global, regional or functional level, with SVP, VP, Director and Senior Manager responsibilities.  We hire across all of the specialist divisions within HR, and only HR. 


With a select network of over 34,000 high performance HR professionals across 94 countries, we're well placed to assess calibre on a global basis and find the full range and scope of prospective talent for your hiring needs, rather than presenting just the best of the active job seekers in any local market. We find you the best people, with no nonsense, and fast!

Our technical knowledge across HR is advanced, so we’re adept at identifying the very best calibre of high performance, technically advanced and solutions-focussed specialists within all areas of the HR function.

We purposefully seek out those unique HR professionals who can add genuine and tangible value to a company, rather than those who are just pushing paper & policies. We know how to spot the HR leader with a true business-partnering, commercially savvy approach.  We know how to find the Compensation & Benefits specialist who delivers competitive edge generationally appropriate programs rather than just stock standard plans & jargon filled data reports.  We can isolate the Talent Acquisition thought leader who understands that branding, pipelining and quality of hire are just as key as time and cost to hire. 

We fully appreciate cultural sensitivities and cross border challenges.  We know how to advise and support all stakeholders to ensure successful relocations, transitions and settlement.   

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How we deliver

Just the quality of the CV’s alone compared to the many that I’d looked at previously showed me that Carter Morris really knew the specialisms being hired for. 

We find the high calibre people

We have repeatedly secured high calibre HR talent for multinational clients for over a decade - ranging from large, complex companies with instantly recognisable brand names through to small but fast growth organisations.   We understand the challenges of a matrix company environment, and can select leaders with capabilities to be successful within this complexity.  

We save you money

Our size and specialism permits us to keep our overheads low to keep costs down for you.  It gives us greater flexibility in how we can partner with you.   We purposefully avoid protracted employment offer package negotiations.  We manage your spend as if it was our own. Our fee structure keeps us heavily incentivised to effect a successful, quality hire for you, quickly.  

We save you time

We constantly refresh and maintain our networks regardless of our current assignments, so we’re not needing to commence every search from a standing start.  We constantly assess which companies have great, and not so great, HR functions.  This means we always know where to find the leading professionals and thought leaders within all specialist areas of HR.  

They came up with 3 exceptional people, fully screened and qualified, in just 14 days from taking the brief. We could have hired all of them.

Our networks include HR professionals make up the "hidden" talent - those who are away on expat assignments, or who are quite happy in their current roles, so are not responding to headhunting strangers or job vacancy advertising.  These “hidden” professionals have however, typically have interacted with us for years, and regularly update on their long term career plans with us.  They have entrusted us to keep them appraised of roles and employers of particular interest that would fit their plans; so are always available for our calls.

We protect your brand

We promote and protect the brand of our employer client companies over anything else.  We know that every candidate is a potential customer and/or advocate for our employer brands; so we ensure that each has a great candidate experience, regardless of their application success.

We are also skilled at effecting sensitive hires that require extreme discretion and confidentiality - incredibly important given the interconnectivity within the HR profession.

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