How can we help your HR career?

We only work with HR Professionals. It’s a profession we’re passionate about. We "get it".

What to expect

We typically hire for bi/multi lingual professionals, who have lived and worked outside of their home countries and across continents.  We typically hire for HR leaders who have extensive experience and tenured careers within Fortune, FTSE and other similarly complex matrix multinational corporations. 

We secure exacting briefs for every hiring assignment, so we're able to share a wealth of insight over and above the stock standard job description - this helps you to determine in advance whether you want to invest time, effort and emotion in an interview process.   Many of the companies we hire for have engaged us again and again for key HR leadership posts, which allows us deeper than usual insights in work cultures and business pressures - helping you to figure out "fit" potential, up front.  

We don't waste time

Our stable of employers typically have detailed hiring "wish lists" for their current and pending career roles so much as we'd like to, we cannot always take advantage of transferable skills.  We will always be upfront about whether we can help you, or not – we’re not about to waste your time on pointless meetings, random roles, and KPI driven phone calls!   We won't "string you along" with false expectations if we just cannot assist.

How we support you

If we're working together, we will provide constructive coaching and interview support to help you secure that fabulous "next role".  We will work hard to be understanding of your point of view, ensuring useful and transparent feedback, and giving you the respect and courtesy you deserve as an accomplished professional.

Our VIP network members can always access time with our expert team, for confidential career advice, independent counselling on roles you may be considering through other sources, and realistic opinions on market conditions and trends.

Our intention is for us to both enjoy a long term, multi level partnership over years, not just a "quick fling"!

Job seekers who are not treated with respect will bypass even the sexiest company brands or seductive packages, for an employer who treats them with some common decency through an application process.
— Dawn Mulvaney, Carter Morris Talent Solutions

Constant global analysis means we can advise what markets are "hot" for HR leadership roles, isolate the likely reasons for this, and offer meaningful predictions on HR career trends.

If you're open to a career move at this time, or just curious about HR hiring trends around the world, you can make contact with us here.