Job seekers who are not treated with respect will bypass even the sexiest company brands or seductive packages, for an employer who treats them courtesy and respect through an application process. Given that every job seeker can access social media to be an ambassador – or destroyer – for a company brand, hiring leaders must pay more attention to ensure a great candidate experience, every time. We can help you do that.

This is the kind of unsolicited feedback we receive daily from the HR leaders we've had in global hiring processes:

Hi and thank you very much for your reply which is quite unusual nowadays.  Completely understand about the job requirement. I hope you find the right candidate.

VP Reward, Houston


Just browsing the HRD roles on-line and came across Carter Morris. Just had to email to say that I absolutely love your fresh and passionate approach. it really looks and sounds very different to the main pack of recruiters and supposed search firms.

HR Director, London


Hi.  For what it’s worth, I love the way you’re making a stand on responding to queries. You’re putting the dignity back into applying for a professional position.

C&B Director, Moscow


Hi.  Thank you for your time just now in explaining why I’m not progressing with this role.  It is possibly the best rejection explanation I've ever received – a credit to you and the employer that you’re representing!  Please do let me know of other roles where you think there is a fit.

Global Talent Acquisition Director, Singapore

This is the first time in my career that I have been involved in a job search other than as an employer and I must say, for the other agencies I have contacted, the experience so far has been appalling. There is definitely a lot of work to do for the industry to improve its service, nevertheless, it is encouraging to see your company as a ray of light trying to make a difference in treating job seekers with dignity and respect.  

VP International HR, Chicago


Hello again.  Many thanks for your effort and update. I'm always impressed by your services and professionalism.  I have sent a thank you note to Max and told him how well you're protecting his company brand - they must be a good employer if they have partner suppliers like you.

Asia Pac Compensation & Benefits Director, Beijing


Since candidates take the time and effort to prepare their resumes and application letters, head hunters should at the very least give a positive or negative response to applicants. This should be the minimum standard for all reputable head hunters to comply with. I am glad your company is doing so.

Total Reward DIrector, Delhi


Thank you very much for the quick response - you are the complete antidote to the black holes that seem to suck in so many job applications!

SVP HR for EMEA, Johannesberg

We believe there is massive improvement needed in the quality and value of service that the recruitment profession can offer to employers and job seekers. Additionally, there is no excuse for the lack of common courtesy with communications that is found in too many contingency, retained and executive search firms; and some in-house recruitment teams.
— Tracey Thompson, Carter Morris Talent Solutions

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