The cobbler's children, with holes in their shoes...

HR functions are busy solving business issues.  But who gets to focus on ensuring the HR function is the role model that all other business units can aspire to?  


Here are just some of the ways we can work with you to improve your internal HR toolkit, boost talent retention and strategise for the future of HR in your company:

Internal Search Functions

Building and/or coaching of internal search functions to increase your direct sourcing capability, thus reducing your hiring costs along with a host of other benefits.

Talent Trends

Providing thought leadership on talent pool strategy – what process & culture & resources do you need to ensure you will be able to secure the people you need for critical jobs in the future; how to identify, attract, cultivate and retain these people; how to brand your company as an employer of choice; where are your talent risks, and more.

Screening Tools

We can provide advice and support for assessment centres and an array of psychometric and technical skill testing.

Market Mapping

Particularly useful when you're planning expansion or significant functional changes and want an accurate sense of available talent, packages, motivators and other local market trends.

HR functions are in a valuable position to set standards across a business. But to do so, HR functions have to be the embodiment of what “great hiring & talent management” looks like.
— Vanessa Blackburn, Global HR Hiring Expert


For an exploratory discussion on how we can help you improve your team's talent acquisition and talent management strategies, please contact us today to book a complimentary and no-obligation consulting session.