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Competancy Based Interviews

Competency based interviews (CBI) are a trend that is not slowing down. Many of our HR community will be familiar with the CBI approach and may well have used this format to conduct interviews in the past. However the experience of being on the “other side” of a CBI process is likely to be quite different, and to help your interviewing success, it is useful to understand the reasoning behind use of CBI as a screening and selection tool.

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Are you really ready to be interviewed?

Not everyone leaves their employment by choice......  Any kind of vagueness or glib explanation will only affect your credibility with the interviewer.  Lying and fudging the truth will invariably be found out.  Professional interviewers can spot B.S. from a mile away and their “gut instincts” are honed to spot any inconsistencies. 

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Get the best result from an agency interview - part 2

Threatening to phone your father who plays golf with the company CEO won’t get you back into the hiring process.  Neither will a direct approach to the employer – they’re relying on the counsel of their recruiting partner for a reason.

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