Our world has changed

Our world has changed and our we recognise that we have to respond to this change.

We recognise that through economic pressures, more companies are exploring the option to source external talent through their own means, especially with the view that:

  • Technology has dramatically improved people's ability to find and connect with each other

  • Social media, professional sites, increased ease for professional communications (eg: email, online seminars & blogs) have had a massive effect on recruitment

But with so much content and contacts available "online", how do you accurately filter to find the quality candidates you really want?

Aside from the sheer volume of people to be filtered through, how do you identify from a blog or emailed cv or online profile, whether a person has genuine motivations to join your company? How do you know the reality of their skills match the profile/CV? How do you know their potential for cultural fit? How do you quickly assess their performance capabilities? How do you check these basic things before using up time and resource on the interview process?

And how can you be sure you've actually got the best possible selection of people? How do you tap into the market of people who are usually "off limits" to you (direct competitors, hands off clauses, non active candidates who refuse the distractions of mainstream advertising/headhunting/online profiles - the latter either because of the overload of information, inconvenience caused, and concerns over privacy and identity loss issues).

A high proportion of specialist candidates don't post their CV online. They are usually happy in their current role, not actively looking for a career move, well looked after by their existing employer, and are becoming increasingly sceptical of talking to agents who approach them with a barrage of career options, which are typically irrelevant/inappropriate.

Which is where a great search solution is useful.

The best search consultants really do have extensive networks.  In our case, we either know, or have the contacts to find out where the high performance HR professionals are working.

We are experts in identifying amazing, high performance, international HR specialists; by understanding what "amazing" looks like, then building exclusive relationships with those people specifically. .

We've supported them sometimes in multiple career moves, so we've been able to track the reality of their skills & experience against their CV. We've often spoken to their peers and their teams and their bosses and maybe even worked with them as a vendor, so we have a greater insight into their professional and personal skills, and their performance levels.

We have either existing relationships with those people or can secure a trusted recommendation to get access to those people who aren't actively on the job market, and who you can't otherwise reach.

Additionally, we can deliver these people to you, with contingency speed, simply through the strength of our relationships and subsequent networks.

The trust that results from these relationships, also allows us to secure consideration of your company by candidates who might otherwise be wary of your branding/reputation/market position.

By focussing on high performance HR candidates who are genuinely international in their outlook evidenced by them:

  • Bi or multi lingual
  • Being likely to have lived/worked abroad and/or are personally and emotionally enabled to do so

  • Having worked in a complex matrix, truly global setting

  • Having advanced commercial acumen to the extent that they have either worked operationally within the business or have the capability to do so, thus enhancing their credibility and buy-in from business leaders...... we can ensure you've got the most capable, most accomplished people for your company AND people who you'll get the most value from given their mobility.

A global mobility report in 2010 established that 9 out of 10 candidates wanted to work overseas. Why?  Overseas experience = more money, better quality of life, improved career prospects.

This is good news, because as companies continue to globalise their operations, there is increasing demand for a more flexible workforce to travel with them.

We are able to leverage our global reach to tap into new candidate pools for you, to secure in advance of any local agency or local resourcing function, those candidates who are planning to transfer across markets, and ensure you're getting access to the best possible, genuinely  international HR specialists for your organisation.