A selection of  hiring assignments we have completed this year is noted below – for ease of comparison, packages are shown in GBP sterling or US dollars, although where noted ‘equivalent’ local currency has actually applied.  We are always happy to provide references, case study details and further elaboration of other assignments we have successfully effected. 

Compensation, Benefits, Global Mobility, HR Systems & HR Data Analytics

We know the complex knowledge needed to operate as a specialist across compensation, benefits, pensions, executive compensation, wellness, equity design & administration, HRIS, data analytics and global mobility.  We also know the importance of this person offering engaging communication skills, commerciality for plan solutions, and willingness for local program relevancy; in addition to deep technical expertise!

Recent Compensation & Benefits Experts Hires

  • Regional (AsiaPac) VP Compensation & Benefits (equivalent base US$195k+bonus) – Republic of Singapore

  • EMEA Head of Reward & Policy (equivalent base £180k, car, bonus & equity) – Basel, Switzerland

  • International Director of Wellness (base £140k, car, bonus, equity) – London, United Kingdom

  • Compensation & Benefits Director (equivalent base £145k, bonus 20%) – Mexico City, Mexico

  • European Director of Reward (equivalent base £270k, car, bonus potential 30%) – Paris, France

  • Regional (CEE) Manager Compensation & Benefits (equivalent base £95k+bonus) – Warsaw, Poland

  • Global VP Executive Compensation (base US$260k, STIP, LTIP) – Atlanta, USA

  • Compensation & Benefits VP (equivalent US$180k base, bonus) – Geneva, Switzerland

  • European Head of Reward (base £110k, car, bonus, equity) - London, United Kingdom

  • Global Head of Reward (equivalent base £210k + bonus) – Madrid, Spain

  • Compensation & Benefits Director (US$240k base, bonus, benefits) – New York, USA

  • Total Rewards VP (equivalent base £160k, bonus 30%) – Delhi, India

  • Global Benefits Director (equivalent base £180k, car, bonus, equity) - Hong Kong, China

  • Regional (EMEA) Director Compensation (base equivalent base £200k, STIP, LTIP) – Berlin, Germany

  • Global VP Compensation & Benefits (base US$310k, STIP, LTIP) – Boston, USA

  • Americas CofE Reward VP (US$280k, bonus, LTIP) - Atlanta, USA

Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Talent Management

We are experts in finding those elusive professionals who offer data savvy and commercial acumen, in addition to expertise for talent pipe-lining, employer  branding & EVP, training & development, coaching, workforce planning and capability development.

Recent Talent Acquisition, Development & Management Experts Hires

  • Resourcing Director (equivalent base £195k, car, bonus 25%) – Rome, Italy
  • Regional L&D Director (equivalent US$230k, bonus, benefits) - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Global Recruitment Director (equivalent base £260k, bonus, benefits) - Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Global Talent Acquisition VP (US$280k base, bonus, benefits, LTIP) - San Diego, USA
  • Recruitment Senior Manager CEE(equivalent base £80k, car, bonus 25%) – Budapest, Hungary
  • Talent Acquisition Director (equivalent base US$200k, bonus 40%) – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Talent Acquisition Director (equivalent base £140k, bonus, benefits, LTIP) - Brussels, Belgium
  • Regional Staffing Leader (equivalent base US$195k, bonus, benefits) - Toronto, Canada
  • Global Leadership Development VP (equivalent base US$310k, bonus, benefits, LTIP) - Melbourne, Australia

Employment & Labor Law, Employee Relations & Engagement

We have effected many, many ER & IR roles over the years, and are particularly well networked with specialists who can ensure compliance and risk minimisation; whilst still enabling the business to operate without getting stifled by policy policing and bureaucracy.

Recent Labor Law and Employee Relations Experts Hires

  • Employment Law Director (equivalent base £130k, car, bonus, equity) - Berlin, Germany
  • Employment Law Director (£140, car, bonus, equity) - London, United Kingdom
  • Global VP Employment Law (US$290k, bonus, LTIP, benefits) - San Francisco, USA
  • CEE Region Employment Law Director (equivalent base £105k, car, bonus, equity) - Warsaw, Poland
  • Regional Industrial Relations Director (equivalent US$180k, bonus, benefits) - Sydney, Australia
  • Employee Relations Manager (equivalent base £270k, bonus, benefits) - Frankfurt, Germany
  • Regional Head of Employment Law (equivalent base US$160k, bonus, benefits) - Toronto, Canada
  • Vice President, Labor Law & Human Rights (equivalent US$260k, bonus, benefits, LTIP) - Basel, Switzerland

HR Functional Leaders & HR Business Partners

Alas, so many people who profess on paper to be "HR professionals", but so few who are data savvy or fiscally aware or who truly know how to enable a business.  We can sort the order taking administrators from thecommercially astute human resource professionals who are credible with company leaders; saving you time and angst and effort and money.

Recent HR Functional Leaders & HR Business Partners Hires

  • International HR Director (base £135k, bonus, equity) - London, United Kingdom
  • International HR Manager (equivalent base £85k, bonus) - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • HR Regional Lead Benelux-Nordics (equivalent base £125k, car, bonus 30%) – Malmo, Sweden
  • European Business Partner (equivalent base £165k, car, bonus, 15%) – Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Eastern European HR Business Partner (equivalent base £110k, bonus 25%) – Warsaw, Poland
  • Emerging Markets Head of HR (equivalent base £210k, bonus 50%) – Kingdom of Bahrain
  • International HR Manager (equivalent base £80k, bonus) - Budapest, Hungary
  • Global HR VP (base $380k, bonus, equity) - Boston, USA
  • EMEA HR Director (equivalent base £340k, car, bonus, equity) – Geneva, Switzerland
  • European Head of HR (equivalent base £180k, car £12k, bonus potential 25%) – Madrid, Spain
  • EMEA HR Manager (equivalent base £160k, bonus 25% equity) - Zurich, Switzerland
  • Director of HR (base £150k, car, bonus 25%) – London, United Kingdom
  • Strategic HR Business Partner (£105k, car, bonus, equity) - Frankfurt, Germany
  • UK&I Head of HR (base £135k, car, bonus 50%) – London, United Kingdom
  • HR Director (equivalent base £95k, bonus 25%) – Pretoria, South Africa
  • International HRBP/VP (base $290k, bonus, equity) - Los Angeles, USA

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