Our Professional Partnership Agreement

Entering into a hiring process requires a significant commitment of time, energy and trust.  We take this commitment seriously, and as such, we have high expectations for a mutually respectful working partnership.



Information & Privacy: The reputation of our business relies on discretion and trust.  Any information relating to and provided by you will be kept confidential, and only shared following expressed consent from you.  We will remain compliant with relevant data protection legislation. You will find our Privacy Policy here.

Transparency: We will always act with integrity in ensuring you have all the insights and knowledge we have into role challenges and company culture; to help you in making informed decisions about the relevance of career roles to your professional and personal plans.

Feedback: We will always provide open, honest and timely feedback (both positive and developmental) throughout each hiring process.  We will provide regular status updates as a professional courtesy.  We insist that our hiring leaders provide meaningful feedback that we will share with you accurately.

Interview Assistance: We will provide comprehensive advice and support throughout the interview process including practical assistance with travel and logistics.  We will be readily available for advice, interview coaching and any other help as necessary.  We will endeavour to provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of interviews whenever possible.

Post Placement: You will receive regular contact from us up to 12 months after starting in your new role, to ensure all is as promised by your new employer, and to act as a “sounding board” if required in helping you to settle in and be successful in your new role.  We will continue to be readily available for career advice and support when you need it.  We are committed to our on-going professional relationship as your trusted career advisor and advocate.



Time: Many of our hiring processes have a 4-6 week duration, with typically 5-10 separate interviews with prospective employer stakeholders.  Please consider whether you can fit this into your personal and work schedule; and update us on any likely scheduling conflicts (eg: pre booked holidays/medical appointments etc) and be ready to show as much flexibility as possible. 

Transparency: Please be upfront on other job application processes, pending redundancy, conflict with current employer, and any mitigating circumstances that would affect your availability and your commitment to this specific hiring process. 

Documentation: You will be required to complete various compliance documentation during the process and we ask that this be returned within 24 working hours of being requested.  Be forthcoming in advance on any information that could affect an employment offer – including prospective issues for background checks including credit and or criminal record checks. 

Career History: Ensure your CV/Resume is an accurate record of your education, work experience, technical abilities and certifications; with any time gaps in your work history accurately recorded. Please ensure all digital/social media profiles (including photos/account names) are appropriately professional; or ensure that potential employers are unable to access them.

Communication:  There may be times when we need query responses within hours in order to expedite travel logistics, negotiations and more – please keep us updated on the most time effective way to contact you. 

Feedback: Our employer clients expect us to share detailed feedback following all interviews.  As your advocate to any prospective employer company, we need to be able to confirm your interest, motivation, and any concern or points of curiosity throughout any hiring process – please let us know your detailed thoughts after every interview event.



We’re very mindful that we’ll be leveraging our reputation to be your advocate to prospective employers throughout each stage of any hiring process.  In return, we want you to feel respected and valued in each interaction with us.  We want to enable your trust and confidence so that you become an advocate and brand ambassador for our firm.