1 tiny action, to stand out from the crowd

It was once the preserve of those who factored etiquette into their actions, particularly in social circles. But in today's world, its proving to be such a brilliant way to stand out from the many people clamouring for our attention on both a personal and professional level.  And it is such a simple thing - the "Thank you" note.

Maybe you already use it as a basic courtesy to acknowledge the efforts of your social circle when you take the time to pen your gratitude for a gift, or for being hosted at a party or dinner.   And with many of us leading crazy busy lives today, it might in fairness be a "Thank you" SMS or email, instead of the lovely hand written cards of old.

But think of its power in the business world.

Imagine how you, as a hiring leader, or prospective client, or prospective colleague, would feel about the person who sent a note such as:

  • Thanks Dinesh for taking the time to explain the role and its challenges in our interview yesterday. I really enjoyed meeting with you and am even more excited about the potential to work with you.
  • This quick note is to thank you Maria for that coaching yesterday, I know it will help me to nail this project and I am grateful for your expert advice.
  • Thanks Sven for meeting with me yesterday – I very much appreciate the insights you shared and I think we would work well together. 
  • Thank–you Joe for taking the time to share your advice with me, it was hugely useful.  Thanks too for buying the coffee!

Our lives today are crammed with communication devices.  These "Thank you" notes are so quick and easy to effect, but FEW PEOPLE DO IT.  (in the last week alone, the CMTS team hosted over 80 job interviews, coaching sessions and supplier meetings, with just 4 "thank you" emails received from potential new hires and vendors!)

So do yourself a favour.  Remember the thank you note.  Until the time comes where this practice becomes a mainstream element of the business world, I guarantee it will help you to stand out from the crowd.