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We talk to HR leaders day in, day out; which allows us to quickly ascertain who are the true high performers that add concrete value and enablement for business success; versus those who fall into the unfortunately large percentage of ordinary functional service delivery.  Our global reach also allows us to assess HR leaders against a global performance standard, rather than just a "best of the active job seekers" or "best in town/city/country".

It is clear to us that you are one of the "elite" within the HR profession, and so we offer you this exclusive opportunity to proactively market your potential to prospective employers.  Your profile will be viewed by our key Business & HR Executives, whilst still protecting your anonymity and market value.  This is a complimentary, invitation only service, in recognition of your importance as a VIP within our trusted global HR community.


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Key HR discipline area - please choose the one most relevant to your expertise (rather than to your interest, which you can elaborate on in the "Types of roles being sought" field)
Please list only those continents or specific countries with which you have extensive and direct, cultural and/or labor law experience - where you can be considered a "market expert".
To advanced conversational and business fluency level
We recommend you note minimum base in addition to package
Please list only the types of employee populations with which you have direct and extensive experience and so could be regarded as a "subject matter expert" for their unique demands and nuances
Mobility *
Which best applies to your mobility for your next career role - please tick all that you would genuinely consider relocating to?
Please highlight any dual citizenship or existing work visa eligibility that would be attractive to a prospective employer (given sponsorship and expat packages continue to decline for roles within the HR function)
Size of direct reports and indirect/virtual reports - minimum and maximum please; and any preference to work as a manager of teams and/or as a sole contributor
Please note annual revenues and employee numbers globally. If you've worked for a larger company historically, include employee & revenue numbers for that also.
Please note a concise summary of the role contents and seniority level that will likely appeal to you
What HR and business experiences/knowledge do you have that your peers do not have?
Please note an example of an initiative of yours that resulted in measurable savings/revenue/increase/productivity/engagement/etc. Actual measures will draw more attention, than vague statements.
Be mindful of the platitudes that all HR leaders use to describe themselves! What is particularly impressive about you that would be attractive to a potential employer?
All high performance leaders are strong for relationships and commerciality and HR technical ability - what do you offer over and above this that is really a statement of your "USP"?