Shared Services Expert with global WorkDay implementation experience

Primary specialism: Shared Services

Markets with deep expertise: Deep experience in UK, Continental Europe, Asia, Australia and US

Languages : English

Salary expectations: from GBP 170,000 base

Workforce types directly supported: Corporate functions, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Scientists, Research & Development, Financial Services and Banking, Consulting

Current home country: United Kingdom

Mobility: Home country only for base, but no restrictions on travel

Team management: Direct reports 5-10, indirect reports up to 450

Current/recent employer: circa 15,000 employees globally, circa USD 5 billion revenues

Remits of particular interest: A VP level role in a Fortune 500 large organisation or similar where I can take full responsibility for significant HR transformation

Unique expertise: Has set up Shared Service Centres and run large scale HR transformation projects in 50+ countries

Commerciality: Led on a WorkDay implementation across the globe, and was "live" in months due to his expertise, which resulted in significant savings for the company.  Has consistently and significantly reduced recruitment costs with his process efficiencies. 

Strengths: Ability to successfully manage large scale HR transformation in complex, matrix organisations.

Need to know: Is passionate about the 'future of HR' and it's digital transformation.  Is apparently known as a thought leader in this field with strong and current networks



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CMTS reference:  PEJF-666268