US national with extensive expertise for Change & OD results within multinational companies

Primary specialism: Change/Organisational Development

Markets with deep expertise: Multiple international markets with particular depth for United States, Switzerland, Germany

Languages : English

Salary expectations: from US$180,000 USD plus package

Workforce types directly supported: hourly manufacturing, contact center employees, professional and all layers of management through to Board level

Current home country: USA with no restrictions on mobility across Europe and North America

Team management: Open to leading a team or working as a sole contributor. Has historically led 5 direct and 25 indirect reports plus project teams

Current/recent employer: Employers have ranged from US$2 billion revenues through to US$26 billion revenues and up to 170,000 employees globally.

Remits of particular interest: Translating HR processes and practices into simple, yet comprehensive strategies to positively impact the organization's long term health, both domestically and internationally. My experiences drive employee engagement to improve not only the employee's work experiences, but ultimately the bottom line results.

Unique expertise: Extensive experience with redesigning/simplifying HR processes to meet the needs of both the employee and the organization. Additionally, I have multiple examples of aligning values behaviors with core business initiatives and HR processes, to ensure that employees globally know what is expected of them.

Commerciality: Multiple examples of ROI from my initiatives inclusive of removing a a complex leadership competency framework and replacing this with 6 values with actionable behaviors. For six months, one value was rolled out in alignment with a key business initiative and comms/marketing campaign. At the end of the six month rollout, initial success was measured through employee response to values related questions in the global engagement survey. Significant improvement was made in more than 2/3 of the countries related to employee perception of values alignment and respect for leadership. Increased engagement led to measurable improvements for reducing turnover, reducing ER caseloads, increasing productivity, and attracting new external talent.

Strengths: Extensive background in the areas of learning, organizational development and talent management within multinational organizations. I have repeatedly developed tools which have contributed to organizational growth, return on investment and employee retention.

Need to know: I bring a well rounded, pragmatic approach to HR. I quickly adapt to new environments and work well with all levels of an organization in meeting their departmental needs, resulting in company-wide success.


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CMTS reference: P005411