Global Talent Acquisition Leader with hiring history over 66 countries

Primary specialism: Talent Acquisition

Markets with deep expertise: Has worked over 66 countries for companies within the healthcare, information technology and manufacturing industries.

Languages : English

Salary expectations: from USD 200,000 base plus package dependent on location

Workforce types directly supported: Has managed TA Operations, TA marketing, recruiters, sourcers (FTE, CW and RPO).

Current home country: USA

Mobility: Good flexibility to relocate within the USA or Europe

Team management: Has led up to 60 and presents as an inspiring, performance driving leader

Current/recent employer: Has stable tenure showing progressive career development and progression. Has worked for a range of companies of varying levels of complexity - largest employer had 300,000+ employees and revenues of USD 140+ billion

Remits of particular interest: International Talent Acquisition Director/VP posts,

Unique expertise: Has worked in high volume hiring and niche specialist hiring environments, with a strong multinational markets emphasis. Career history includes working within a Fortune 6 company and the build and leadership of a retained search firm.

Commerciality: Led a team in hiring 40,000+ people in four years and reduced search firm utilization to less than 1% of all placements, whilst reducing cost per hire down to $1650 for professional positions.

Strengths: Presents as an engaging, transformational leader who believes in hiring great people and empowering them to do their best work with support, and celebration of success. Believes in servant leadership - caring about the development of others and knowing when to provide feedback positive or constructive to help them grow.

Need to know: Unusual strengths for data, metrics and commercial acumen. Clear passion for recruitment and helping others achieve their career aspirations. Genuine global markets expertise and advanced knowledge of cultural nuances. Repeated successes in leading global TA teams across varied geographies.


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CMTS reference: P026492