Pragmatic and personable TA leader, mobile and immediately available within USA

Primary specialism: Talent Acquisition

Markets with deep expertise: USA, and overview of international markets

Languages : English

Salary expectations: from USD 150,000 base

Workforce types directly supported: Engineering, Hi-tech, Manufacturing

Current home country: USA and mobile to relocate across the country, also open to moving to Europe

Team management: Has managed a wide variety of geographically dispersed teams - recruiters, recruiting coordinators, executive recruiters, sourcers, RPO's, mobility/relocation specialists, college recruiters and specialist contracts recruiters.  Has a preference to manage a team unless the individual contributor position can be deeply impactful on the global TA organization.

Current/recent employer: 150,000+ employees, globally recognised brand and industry leader.

Remits of particular interest: Senior TA leader

Unique expertise: Deep knowledge in Talent Acquisition strategy and service delivery in a wide variety of industries.

Commerciality: Many examples of savings through metrics, data and process improvement.  Most recently I established an international sourcing team that cut cycle time by 20% and saved over 3 million dollars in recruiting and empty seat cost in under 1 year.

Strengths:  Ability to see TA from the ground level to the 10,000 ft level; deep understanding of the impact of strategy on service delivery, and the ability to get buy in from the business partners to improve the TA process.  Have successfully led on improving diversity through TA interventions.  Can successfully partner with HR peers to ensure the business clients receive the best possible service and results.

Need to know: "What I have to offer is the depth and breadth of Talent Acquisition that can only be attained through working my way up from a recruiter to a thought leader in a variety of companies from startup to large matrixed organizations"




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CMTS reference:  PEAS-060736