L&D VP No restrictions on work travel.

Primary specialism: Learning & Development

Markets with deep expertise: Deep expertise in the USA with significant exposure through enterprise wide projects and leadership coaching in EMEA and the Asia Pacific regions.

Languages : English

Salary expectations: from $250,000 base

Workforce types directly supported: Manufacturing, IT, Retail, Corporate Functions, Production, Logistics, Distribution, Research & Development, Engineers and Scientists

Current home country: USA. Open to relocate to East and West Coast, or to be sponsored into Western Europe

Mobility: no restrictions on relocation or travel for work

Team management:  teams from 2 - 10 people

Current/recent employer: circa 8,500 employees globally, annual revenues circa $3 billion

Remits of particular interest: Seeking a number one or two role in learning, where she can help leaders figure out what makes their organisation great and prepare it for the challenges of the digital future of work

Unique expertise: Was the architect of all talent practices that have supported innovation within one of the world’s first adaptive, matrix organizations

Commerciality: Multiple examples of initiatives with measurable ROI for revenue increase, productivity, and engagement

Strengths: Ability to anticipate new strategic requirements and external disruptions and architecting talent practices for identifying, developing, deploying and rewarding innovators

Need to know:  Is a published author and speaker at HR and Business conferences - known as a  subject matter expert in talent and leadership development and learning and has a strong network to ensure she is kept knowledgeable and relevant



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CMTS reference:  PREI-026722