HR transformation expert with advanced global project management experience

Primary specialism: HR Transformation

Markets with deep expertise: North America, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Europe, specifically UK, Switzerland and Spain

Languages : English, Russian, Spanish

Salary expectations: equivalent from £100,000 base plus package, open to expat & domestic package work options

Workforce types directly supported: Senior HR Leaders, HRLT, HR Directors

Current home country: United Kingdom and open to relocate again into Asia,  Europe, North or South America

Mobility Considerations: Dual citizenship with US and EU passports

Team management: Has managed small teams directly, and indirectly through matrix structures

Current/recent employer:  Over 70,000 employees and US$40 Billion+ in annual revenues

Remits of particular interest:  HR Transformation, Shared Service Development and/or Implementation, Project Management, Programme Management, Process Management

Unique expertise: Large Scale HR Transformations, Lean / Six Sigma working experience, using design thinking in developing new processes, global mind-set & cultural sensitivity

Strengths: Ability to think and operate at both the strategic & tactical levels. Grasps difficult concepts quickly and able to turn them into actionable results

Need to know: Ability to combine knowledge of modern tools, with traditional HR Transition approaches to deliver successful projects across a global landscape.  Brings an advanced level of cross cultural awareness from living & working across so many countries


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CMTS reference:  PLIF-220331