HR Business Partner, Global, from EUR 160,000. Multilingual & mobile

Primary Specialism:  HR Business Partner, Senior Director/VP level

Countries with direct cultural & labor law experience: Europe, North America, South Africa, China

Languages to business level fluency: English, Afrikaans, some German & Danish

Deep sector experience: FMCG, Manufacturing

Workforce types directly supported: Corporate functions, Engineering, Quality

Lived & worked across multiple countries: Yes

Mobility parameters: In Europe currently and happy to live and work on a local package within any EU country

Base salary expectation guide:  EU 160,000 minimum

Size of teams led: between 7 and 25

Types of roles being sought: multinational scope, open to sector, open to a broad HRBP role, or another specialist post

Annual revenues & employee size of current/most recent employer: Circa USD 6 billion, 20,000 staff globally

Unique expertise: Has worked repeatedly as a HR Business Partner and as a regional specialist for Talent Acquisition, and Employment Law.  In the most recent TA specialist role, was instrumental in building a "best practice" toolkit for recruiters and on boarding teams, that has been utilised by the company globally.  Also enabled uniformity for selection tools, interview guides, recruiter dashboards, sourcing strategy across all European countries.  Was instrumental in the design & delivery of a new TA program recently in China, to enable employer to expand into this market.

Example of recent, significant commercial contribution:  Created a transformation & organisational capability agenda across 60 countries that enable increased profitability from reduction of operational duplicity and attraction & enablement of high performance sales talent. 

Summary of strengths:  Problem solving, multidisciplinary collaboration, global mind set.

All high performance leaders are strong for relationships and commerciality and HR technical ability - what do you offer over and above this?  Application of ROI and business impact measures to all initiatives.  Track record of being able to influence and effect change, despite inheriting change resistant stakeholders   



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CMTS reference:  PJRQ-727873