VP HR with large team management and multinational markets experience within mission driven companies

Primary specialism: HR Business Partner / Vice President HR

Markets with deep expertise: Has managed teams of HR leaders accountable for executing on business strategy across Asia (specifically in a China, Korea, Thailand, India Japan, Australia, and Singapore), in EMEA ( specifically Germany, France, England, Ireland. Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain) and in the Americas (specifically Mexico, Brazil, Canada).

Languages : English

Salary expectations: From USD 375,000 base plus package

Workforce types directly supported: An array of Executives and Business leaders (functional, regional, country, business unit) plus CTOs, CFOs and Operations leaders of business segments and business units. Has made contributions in a diverse set of industries - IT, healthcare, pharma, medical devices, and industrial technology.

Current home country: USA with flexibility on base location

Team management: In most recent role was leading a team of 8 direct reports and 240 indirect reports globally.

Current/recent employer: Complex matrix multinational with circa US$15 billion revenues and 70,000+ employees globally.

Remits of particular interest: Global companies with high value for the potential of HR to add real value to the bottom line; with a preference for businesses who are making a positive difference in the world - addressing disease, the environment, etc

Unique expertise: Has worked for a diverse set of well known, high purpose organizations. Has led on significant changes to business models, and let through major acquisitions and divestitures

Commerciality: As the HR lead for a global vaccines business, successfully drove the build out of talent for the launch of 4 vaccines in 12 months. Leveraged connection with another company’s HR leader to agree terms to use their commercial team to sell these vaccines in Europe. This enabled faster selling of products after EU approval, without detracting from employer’s growth efforts in the US and Asia

Identified redundancy of work across 3 Business Units at another employer, so proposed a redesign of Units into 1 to eliminate inefficiencies and cost. When the company then targetted the sale of this new unit to secure cash for other priorities, I was asked to lead the divestiture, working with corporate legal, finance, HR, IT and the impacted BUs to define the value of the resources, to sell this BU, to disentangle it from the parent company, to transfer former employees with protection of the service, benefits and equity they had obtained.  

Strengths: Self described business leader who uses an understanding of the business strategy to determine the critical people and culture actions that help leaders and teams to deliver on goals

Need to know: I have a deep personal sense of ethics and integrity. I am seen as a trusted advisor/confidant - speaking my mind, sharing feedback that is tough to hear. I ask questions to seek to understand things I don’t .


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CMTS reference: P017344