Bilingual HR leader with advanced sales force enablement expertise, globally mobile

Primary specialism: HR Business Partner at Senior Director/VP level

Markets with deep expertise: EMEA, North America

Languages : English and Swedish

Salary expectations: $250k + package

Workforce types directly supported: Commercial/sales teams

Current base: Europe with ongoing mobility through Europe and across Asia and North America

Team management: Preference to work as a leader of teams and has managed both on-site and virtual reports up to 12 persons

Employer history: Mix of boutique and multinational firms up to $22B revenues and work forces of 60,000+

Remits of particular interest: Change management, organisational development and enablement of growth agendas

Unique expertise: Aligning business strategy with people and pay strategies via application of pay-for-performance programs for both front-line sales employees and senior management.

Commerciality: Partnered with a CEO of business division to implement a commission program that helped with transforming from a reactive service culture into a proactive sales culture.

Strengths: In-depth technical knowledge of strategy and finance through executive remuneration design, coupled with change-management and organisational-development experience

Need to know: Strong communicator who demonstrates being able to simplify and sell complex ideas, and engage people on individual and group levels to mobilise action and resources.


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CMTS reference: PCDY-358782