VP HR Data & Analytics, Global, from EUR 220,000. Fluent English, French, Dutch speaker

Primary Specialism:  HR Data & Analytics

Countries with direct cultural & labor law experience: EMEA, North & South America, AsiaPacific

Languages to business level fluency: English, Dutch, French

Deep sector experience: Engineering, Technology, Pharmaceuticals

Workforce types directly supported: Corporate functions, Engineering, Sales & Marketing

Lived & worked across multiple countries: Yes

Mobility parameters: In the Netherlands currently open to returning to Asia Pacific, or to other EU countries

Base salary expectation guide:  EU 220,000 minimum, able to work on local contracts

Size of HR teams led: between 6 and 90

Types of roles being sought: VP level, global remits, open to supporting a large business division or an entire company agenda

Annual revenues & employee size of current/most recent employer: Circa USD 10 billion, 22,000 staff across 16+ countries

Unique expertise: Has worked both in a BI role and as the data & analytics leader within a HR function, commenced career in Finance before specialising in D&A.  Multiple examples of helping "bed in" new HR systems inclusive of PeopleSoft, Workday, SAP, SuccessFactors.

Example of recent, significant commercial contribution: improved HR service delivery ratings by 60% after introduction of performance dashboards.  Has identified key trends on employee performance and turnover, that have allowed interventions to improve both areas, ultimately saving an estimated 1.5million USD per annum.  

Summary of strengths:  Able to work as an individual contributor, and as a leader of large teams with both direct and virtual reporting lines.  Personable, able to impress without jargon, multiple examples of bridging between IT teams and end user stakeholders.   Has shown clear career advancement and development in his  tenure with complex matrix, Fortune company employers.

All high performance leaders are strong for relationships and commerciality and HR technical ability - what do you offer over and above this?  Have worked in both family run and large matrix corporate employers - can readily adapt to high levels of "hands on" whilst maintaining a strategic focus to achieve company goals.  



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CMTS reference:  LSM-252822