International HR Business Partner with a flair for sustainable talent acquisition

Primary specialism: HR Business Partner

Markets with deep expertise: China, Germany, Malaysia, Portugal, USA

Languages : English

Salary expectations: from $170,000 + package

Workforce types directly supported: R&D, Information Technology, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain

Current base: USA with ongoing mobility through Europe and North America

Team management: Preference to work as a leader of teams and has managed up to 10 direct reports

Employer history:  Currently working for a $3billion revenues chemical company

Remits of particular interest: Director of Human Resources, Talent Management or Talent Acquisition

Unique expertise: Ability to drive global HR transformation projects including M&A activity

Commerciality: Implemented a global talent acquisition organization that year on year resulted in up to 23% reductions globally of first year of employment turnover

Strengths: Business leadership feedback indicates I have the ability to provide them with actionable feedback that helps them be better leaders and to look at situations with a broader view. I am also told I have the ability gain buy-in and influence stakeholders to move projects to completion when no one else seems to be able to.

Need to know: An ability to evaluate talent, determine fit for role and not let personal bias get in the way.


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CMTS reference: P321217