Senior level HRBP leader with mobility on EU work base; advanced commerciality

Primary specialism: HR Business Partner

Markets with deep expertise: Europe, Middle-East and Africa

Languages : English, German & Spanish

Salary expectations: Base equivalent to 230,000 CHF

Workforce types directly supported: Operations & Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT, R&D

Current home country: Switzerland

Mobility Considerations: EU national - open to live at any European location, option for North America

Team management: Preference to lead a team and has done so for up to 70 HR FTEs

Current/recent employer: Complex multinational spanning many subsidiary companies with over 60,000 employees and over 4 billion USD revenues

Remits of particular interest: Is am interested in leadership roles (e.g. Regional with broad HR responsibility, or Global HR Director/VP ) where he can drive and contribute to company success

Unique expertise: Track record for design and delivery of major HR projects ranging from major organisation restructures and plant closures to talent management concepts. Has had some unique ownership of innovative projects for HR Analytics and Talent Acquisition.

Commerciality: Has led on multiple commercially driven initiatives, eg: improving competitiveness of production plants, whilst changing employment terms & conditions in various EMEA countries; which saved around 12 Million USD annually.

Strengths: Authentic and organized leader that drives for results and gets things done, whilst ensuring the engagement of teams and the organization. Takes accountability to drive change and innovation whilst having the ability to manage strategic, tactical and operational level delivery with a hands-on attitude.

Need to know: My track record of helping executives make better decisions about their people and their business is a proof of my passion for making and having HR as a key for the success of a company.


CMTS reference: PKLN-461103