Employment Law Specialist, Europe, equivalent GBP 120,000 base. No restrictions on work travel.

Primary Specialism:  Employment Law, Employee Relations, Industrial Labor Relations

Markets with deep expertise: Has first-hand experience working across multiple jurisdictions in the EMEA region, and gets directly involved in the “active” works council countries – utilising local HR teams and translators where appropriate.

Languages : English

Salary expectations: from £120,000 base

Workforce types directly supported: Predominantly technology sector workforces inclusive of sales, engineers, and corporate

Mobility: living in Europe and will continue to be mobile within that continent

Team management: 4 direct reports

Current/recent employer: 100,000+ employees globally, $30 billion+ in annual revenues.

Remits of particular interest: EMEA Employee Relations leader for new industry sectors, or a broader Global Employee Relations leadership role.

Unique expertise: Has driven strategic workforce planning initiatives, plus the use of analytics and metric data; to support success with union and works council negotiations

Commerciality: Multiple examples of proactively advising on pending European and US employment legislation changes, to pre-empt business impact and stay "ahead of the curve" and reduce business risk.

Strengths: Thinks beyond the "letter of the law" to achieve solutions for all stakeholders, and viably commercial improvements for business units.

Need to know: Significant experience in working with US corporations to educate on EMEA labor law nuances and find change solutions that are appropriate to global policies



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CMTS reference:  PLPZ-666254

Employment LawLeanne Morris