Globally mobile HR Business Partner at senior Director level, multi lingual

Primary specialism: HR Business Partner

Markets with deep expertise: UK; Ireland; USA; Switzerland; Japan

Languages : English, French, Japanese

Salary expectations: from GBP equivalent 170,000 base plus package

Workforce types directly supported: R&D; SMET; Sourcing; Procurement

Current home country: UK

Mobility Considerations: French citizen and US Green Card holder who is mobile across Europe and Asia

Team management: Enjoys leading teams but is also open to significant sole contributor remit within cohesive team environments

Current/recent employer: USD 180 billion+ revenues; 70,000+ employees

Remits of particular interest: Leading a team of Human Resources professionals in a multi-national/global environment; ideally in the Healthcare, Technology, and Engineering industries

Unique expertise: Global Human Resources Leader with HR experience in Asia, Europe and North-America

Commerciality: 1) Led action planning efforts focused on Development which resulted in 32% increase in engagement scores. 2) Co-led the set-up of a Group Purchasing Organization in a Joint-Venture context which delivered over USD 1 billion in revenues

Strengths:  Track record of bringing an innovative, pragmatic and business oriented approach to people and organization issues.  As a genuinely global HR leader, can create bridges between cultures to ensure the success of multi-national projects and operations.

Need to know: Gained formal qualifications in Science, prior to commencing HR career.


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CMTS reference:  PNFF-678281