"Future of work" Specialist with broad HR & business experience. Multi-lingual & globally mobile

Primary Specialism:  HR Change and Transformation

Countries with direct cultural & labor law experience:  Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Singapore, USA, France, Spain

Languages to business level fluency: English, French, Dutch

Deep sector experience: Manufacturing, Technology, Banking, Retail, Professional Services, Luxury Goods

Workforce types directly supported: Sales, Engineering, Retail, IT, Design, Consultants

Lived & worked across multiple countries: Europe, Singapore, USA

Mobility parameters:  Is currently based in Europe, but is globally mobile for his next career role

Base salary expectation guide:  circa EUR 150,000

Size of HR teams led: 5 - 25

Types of roles being sought:  International company with a change agenda, happy for another specialist role in talent management, talent acquisition, organisational design, or project management oriented senior level HRBP roles

Annual revenues & employee size of current/most recent employer: 10,000+ employees, $10 billion+ revenues

Unique expertise: Offers blended experience of being a commercial MD, business owner and HR expert.  Experience of supporting start-up digital organisations in developing AI in talent acquisition processes

Example of recent, significant commercial contribution: Extensive work with sales organisations from both HR and general management perspectives with significant measurable successes for sales generated as a result of his OD initiatives

Summary of strengths:  A self-proclaimed ambassador of LEAN practices with strong project management expertise. 

All high-performance leaders are strong for relationships and commerciality and HR technical ability - what do you offer over and above this? A well-developed and practiced agile and disruptive approach to HR with strong commercial orientation and experience.  The Carter Morris team have seen that this professional is very well regarded within the "future of work" community and is sought out as a "subject matter expert". 



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CMTS reference:  PFLF-461214