Multilingual, globally mobile D&I leader with "future of work" expertise

Primary specialism: Diversity & Inclusion

Markets with deep expertise: United States, Denmark, Belgium, China, Japan, West Africa, East Africa, Colombia, Levant (Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia)

Languages : Danish, French, Spanish, English

Salary expectations: US$215,000 + package

Workforce types directly supported: variety of stakeholders up to and including C-suite

Current home country: United States and globally mobile

Team management: Has managed teams up to 25+ people and is equally comfortable being a sole contributor

Work history: Pharma sector of US$ 20 Billion annual revenues and 20,000+ employees globally through to Tech sector of US$190 Billion and 100,000 employees globally

Remits of particular interest: Diversity and Inclusion and/or Future of Work leadership roles

Unique expertise: Extensive global experience with Diversity and Inclusion coupled with Corporate Sustainability, plus an array of experience working on strategic-future-focused topics

Commerciality: Multiple examples of linking D&I to business objectives eg: for current employer - by implementing a process intervention to our clinical trials function we are able to ensure faster market entry with reduced multi-country trials saving 10+ million per country submission

Strengths: Global perspective, not from rote knowledge or short business trips internationally; but rather through extensive 'boots on the ground' experience. I've worked on issues of gender equality in the Middle East for years and within local companies; I have worked in communities in West Africa on labor issues and employment partnering with local companies, multi-nationals, and governments.

Need to know: My acumen is holistic...I have been an entrepreneur so I know how to operate a business and while my HR capabilities are strong it is my overall business knowledge that informs my strategic approach.


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CMTS reference: PEST-501735