Global HRBP/VP, bilingual and dual citizen UK and USA

Primary specialism: HR Business Partner

Markets with deep expertise: Has worked directly across the USA, Canada and Europe.  Has had direct cultural and labor law experience whilst leading HR teams in China, Japan, India, across the EU, South Africa, and Brazil.

Languages : Fluent English, German, and some knowledge of French and Spanish

Salary expectations: Current: EUR 200,000 base, 25% STI, 35% LTI, car allowance and pension

Workforce types directly supported: Executive, upper and mid- managerial levels; niche technical experts, office and (blue collar) workforces

Current home country: Germany

Mobility: able to readily relocate across Europe or anywhere within North America

Mobility Considerations: British (EU) and American citizenships

Team management: Has led teams of 3-4 through to larger teams of 20+ both directly and in a matrix reporting environment. Is open to ongoing team leadership roles or is equally happy and effective in working as an individual contributor.

Current/recent employer:  circa 25,000 employees and $7 billion in revenues; have also worked for companies of 4,000 to 250,000 employees

Remits of particular interest: Executive, Head of HR, Senior VP or VP with global remits for companies which are leading on “best place to work” practices.  Has a particular interest and expertise in change management and Future of Work topics.

Unique expertise: History of applying a range of alternative communications techniques and methods to achieve business aims (eg: developing unique pulse surveys solutions, creative marketing to convey effective messages, utilisation of video and infographics for consistency and speed of messaging etc.)

Commerciality: Has designed and driven initiatives using continuous improvement methodology, with the most recent realizing 5-10% engagement increases and subsequent work efficiencies and cost savings.

Strengths: Energetic, willing to take calculated risks, strategic thinker, embraces innovation

Need to know: Is able to translate company strategy and vision into actions that moves the organisation towards successfully embracing Future of Work and all that that encompasses.


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CMTS reference:  PQTA-665743