New HR award

I can recall pivotal moments in my career, when I had a fantastic boss who inspired, challenged, supported, recognised and encouraged me.

My first CEO when I worked in the media industry many, many years ago.  The CEO of the first recruitment agency I worked for.  A VP at a firm I worked for when I moved to Europe. 

These bosses weren’t just interested in my own development and achievements though.  They were each passionate about improving service and knowledge standards right across their companies, and their niche industry areas – not because it was a smart way to improve profits, or because they just had kind hearts…..but because they really wanted to make a long lasting difference.  To create and leave a legacy if you will, and take things “to the next level”.

So I read with interest a new award setup for HR leaders, who are deemed to have really made a difference over time.

It’s a pretty cool idea, and instantly, within our VIP network, I was able to think of a dozen people that we will be nominating.  I wish there were more, but exceptional is hard to come by within the HR profession.

So to all up and coming professionals across the HR functions – is the work you’re doing today of a calibre that sets a new standard, and that will inspire others for years to come?  Are you really working to make a long lasting difference, not just for yourself or your current employer, but for all people around you and within your profession?  Are you consistently and constantly working to achieve improvements?  Will you be the kind of leader that people remember fondly in 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now?

Leanne Morris