Workday - the new kid on the block

One of the many frustrations we hear form HR leaders all over the world, is their lack of access to quality data.  This prevents them from making fully informed plans and decisions, and prevents them from providing business leaders and/or sceptical stakeholders with the accuracy of reports and analysis and performance metrics so commonly utilised by other functional units.

With absolutely NO vested interest, we've observed the phenomenal rise of the Workday solution, and we're keen to know why their users are such fans.

Just like an "overnight" pop sensation, Workday have come from "out of the blue" (they were actually established in 2005)  but it is markedly noticeable how many of our multinational clients are moving their human resource information and management systems (or Excel spreadsheets) to this solution.

Even more noticeable is how Workday users rave about the product.  In contrast, we've been hearing HR leaders for years bemoaning the complexity of SAP or the shortcomings of Oracle or PeopleSoft and the like.

Maybe the success of Workday is that they launched first as a Human Capital Management (HCM) system, and added other functional specialisms afterwards - as opposed to being a financial or procurement system with HR as an after-thought bolt on?

Maybe, because Workday have created their software from the ground up and relatively recently, they have been able to take advantage of having new technologies core to their offering (mobile applications, analytics, memory software and other such techie things); rather than being old technology that has to be revamped and effectively renovated?

Maybe with Workday being a private company, founded by the ex PeopleSoft founder and CEO (and billionaire) David Duffield, they can concentrate on getting the software and service right, rather than kow-towing to shareholders or stakeholders who don't have such a strong HR software background.

We are also told that migrating to Workday is relatively fast and painless compared to other HCM's (obviously this isn't taking into account the data audit and cleanse that invariably leads up to this).

So, either Workday is flavour of the year because it is newer, shinier, and prettier.  Or maybe it is actually a jolly good solution.  We would love to hear your thoughts......