Great company brand? Wham! Pow! Ouch!

I've just had a really scary thought.

In all of my years of agency work, I have never had a single hiring leader ask me how I would protect their company brand.

And whilst I'd like to class myself as a sensible, ethical, professional who takes the brand protection aspect of my work very seriously, and as an automatic part of my service, I have a strong suspicion that this approach isn't common across the industry.

Which is scary.  Because I know that companies spend a fortune on packaging, marketing, advertising, securing community goodwill, etc.  It will have taken them either a lot of money, or a lot of time to have achieved credibility for their brand.  And a recruitment "partner" can effect a fantastically negative impact on this, in just seconds and for free.

So why aren't hiring leaders thinking about safeguarding the company brand, when they choose their recruitment "partner"?  Why isn't the candidate experience a compulsory part of all talent acquisition SLA's - for in house teams and external vendors?

I will end this thought with a classic example of an exchange I had just recently with a "reputable search firm".  One of their HR Search Consultants contacted me recently and randomly via LinkedIn.  Assuming he didn't understand that I was a "competitor", it’s still scary to see the context in which a household brand can be "promoted" to a potential candidate.

Spelling & grammar are exactly as communicated.  In good grace I have withheld only the names that would identify this global search firm.  Apologies to J&J / Cilag - I am sure they wouldn't have sanctioned this approach.


Hi Learnnne

I currently have a fantastic opportunity with my client and I’d like to add you to my professional network on LInkedIN.

So that I can discuss this opportunity and future opporutunity.

Have a great day.

Regards, Alasdair


Dear Alasdair.  I am assuming you have sent me this invitation to connect in error?

Regards, Leanne


Hi Leanne,

Please find below an opportunity with my client Johnson & Johnson. Who are looking for a Human Resource Manager.  Please can you look at the info below and if you know anyone let me know:

  • Please can you update your latest cv to ensure everything my client is looking for is in the cv (as long as you have done it.)
    ·        Then please email it to me,
    ·        Please let me know the what hourly rate:
    ·        Confirmation of which role interests you.
    ·        A paragraph as to why you could perform the role
    ·        Your availability

Please can you also connect with me on LinkedIn so we can keep in touch in the future:

 Hochstrasse 201

Business   Unit

Cilag   Schaffhausen Operations

Labor   Type

Business   Professional

Positions   Requested


Respond   by Date


Travel   Time

5.000   %

Hours   per Day


Hours   per Week


Total   Hours


Estimated   Additional Spend

5.000   %

Estimated   Expenses

0.000   %

Flat   Adjustments



Exact Title: Human Resources Manager
    Job Purpose : 
    • Ensure an efficient service in HR to internal customers. 
    • "Hub" and primary point of contact for managers and   employees of   the assigned customer groups for the daily operations .   Self-care of customer   groups according to the degree of   incorporation. 
    • interface function to HR Operations and various service provider in   the   global HR organization (including Global Talent Acquisition ,   Global Mobility   , Total Rewards , Talent Development and Education   & Training Campus   Switzerland) 
    Main Tasks & Responsibilities
    • supporting the Line in Strategic Workforce Planning and defining job     profiles
    • Support in staff selection
    • Working with recruiters in Global Talent Acquisition
    • Responsible for contracts in collaboration with local partners in   talent   acquisition , especially regarding salary
    Employee Support
    • probationary period evaluations, exit interviews, other   evaluations
    • Contact person for employees' concerns
    • Support of HR Operations in hires/exits, mutations
    Expatriate management
    • Local coordination of international transfers for Global   Mobility
    Statistics / ratios
    • Support Line Management with HR metrics and ratios (eg absence, time     management, salary levels) 
    Management of recurring HR processes
    Support the line management of customer groups in
    • Succession and Development Planning
    • Performance Management
    • Compensation
    Organizational Development
    Supporting the Line in
    • Change Management
    • Team Development
    • Coaching
    either personally or in collaboration with external specialists
    Other tasks
    • Signing authority for personnel matters assigned customer   groups
    • According signing authority in the commercial register
    • Completed higher education, basic commercial training
    • Specific training int he field of Human Resources is required.   Experience   only in Human Resources is also conceivable, with the   formal training being a   future objective
    • Several years of experience in Human Resources or possibly depth of     leadership experience as a line manager is a prerequisite
    • Knowledge of organizational development
    • German - fluent (German speaking environment) 
    • English - fluent
    IT Skills
    • Good computer skills (MS Office environment ) 
    • Ideally SAP user knowledge
    Soft skills
    • Autonomy, can organise own work
    • Excellent time and organizational skills
    • Flexibility
    • Ability to work in a technical environment 

 Kind regards